Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday 21, 2011

Yesterday was totally disaster at the beginning, but in the end of it I got what I want since 2 years :D which I am happy for it. I did fight with my sister because she was moody whatever.

What else happened? Yeah I am recovering from my injury :) and yesterday was too fun thanks to my training manager she was funny and made me laugh most of the day, she was telling me about things happened to her in the office I didn't notice! I was laughing and suddenly the office boy came and saw me laughing o.O haha but the thing he didn't know that we talking about him :P I speak English with her and she speak Hindi with him (Because they both form India) and because I don't understand them I bought yesterday a book for learning hindi ;). I don't need it at work because my T.M translate for me but in general I need it to make my dream true.

And I did spend the rest of my day with my sister which I like, then we went home. I got surprised when my youngest sister tell dad things I didn't say! But Alhamduillah Allah was by my side and I show to my dad that I am the one who telling the truth. Again my favorite saying is: " Don't trust anyone but ALLAH ".